Unlock Collective Impact

We believe you deserve to bring your best self to the role of leadership; enabling your team to transform how they connect, think and generate results together

10 Simple Steps You Can Implement Now For Improved Results

How To Generate Team Excellence

10 Simple Steps You Can Implement Now For Improved Results

We Help You Take An Intentional Approach To Becoming A Fearlessly Connected Collaborator

This is a superpower in today’s world of work

The best leaders create environments in which their teams can thrive.

The trouble is it’s not always easy to know where to start.

If your team is disconnected and disengaged, or simply misaligned, they will never achieve their potential. However, with a few key changes and clear strategies, it’s possible to achieve outstanding outcomes, together.

A clear success framework for leaders

With our help, you can put the right measures in place to enhance team relationships, build an exceptional team reputation and execute measurably improved results. All while building your confidence and credibility as a leader.

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Unlock Collective Impact

Take your leadership and team performance to the next level with the support of an experienced executive coach.

Individual Executive Coaching
Work with me one-to-one and learn the framework my most formidable clients utilise to connect, instil trust and get the right results – with their team and across key stakeholders.
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Leader As Team Coach Group Program
In our flagship ‘Leader as Team Coach’ program, you work with other like-minded leaders to apply our system and framework, and build psychologically safe and high-performing teams.
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Team Coaching Program
We will work with you and your team to build a bespoke program designed to take your team from Unconnected to United, following a structured approach to achieve exceptional relationships, reputation and results.
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You Deserve To Unlock Impact – For Yourself, And For Others

Hi, I’m Sheila

For many years I have had the privilege of supporting smart, brave and dedicated leaders by showing them how to improve their ability to work effectively with others to produce results.

With my help, leaders have moved from being stuck or overwhelmed to being empowered to release their own potential and lead highly effective teams.

Let me show you how to connect, instil trust and get the right results for yourself and your team(s).


The Four Levels of Leadership

What level are you at? Where would you like to get to?

We believe Values-led Leaders Truly Deserve To Unlock Collective Impact

We work with you to build fearlessly connected collaborators – the leadership and team superpower in today’s world of work

Leading Self

First, let’s focus on YOU

When it comes to leading a successful team, the person you need to start with is yourself.

Become a values-driven leader with a deliberate approach and you will unlock impact – for yourself, and for others.


Determine what you stand for and whom you aspire to be


Stand powerfully in who you are and face what lies ahead


Be unwaveringly confident in the choices you make

Leading Others

Learn To Influence In A VUCA World

VUCA stands for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

Given the speed at which our workplaces are evolving, the right leadership approach avoids ‘command and control’ and instead focuses on finding the balance between strength and warmth; results through relationships. This takes an intentional approach.


Deepen connection with others by refining your unique style of leadership


Define the behaviours needed to manage perception of others and demonstrate credibility


Deliver results with impact and influence; adapting as needed to suit any context

Leading Teams

Generate A High-Performing Team

Take your team from Unconnected to United by following a systemised approach to achieve exceptional relationships, reputation and results.


Cultivate a psychologically safe environment


Consistently be known as a team others want to do business with


Create individual and collective accountability within and across the team

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By Sheila Wherry

The Pinnacle of Presence


Do you feel you have to keep working harder and pedalling faster to succeed as a leader?


​Are you frustrated by fragmented teams that are pulling in different directions?


Is it always you coming up with the solutions?

This is a common scenario for leaders in today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Pinnacle of Presence shows you how to be your own coach so you can bring your best self to your leadership role.

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The Pinnacle of Presence

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