Individual executive coaching programs

Build the internal qualities and external conditions for individual and team success. Click on the video below to listen with sound.

Let Me Tell You About

One on One Executive Coaching

This is a customised Individual Leadership Program that uses evidence-based approaches which are designed to boost your leadership skills and capacity.

Develop significant self-insight to ensure you are in the driving seat of your own journey and are managing the perceptions of others by refining and adapting your leadership style and approach for any given context.

Build effective relationships with your team, peers and key stakeholders, and generate sustainable results with a clear and collective accountability framework; mastering the art of building and leading a high performing team.

Who this program is for…

This coaching program is ideal for leaders who want to increase their levels of self-awareness and leadership potential to achieve impactful outcomes and lead their team to thrive.

If you want an intentional and systematic approach, and have the necessary support to keep you on track, you’re definitely in the right place.

Who This Program Is Not For..

Investment in relationships to achieve long term sustainable results and shared accountability for results takes intentionality.

This means investing in yourself, being willing to grow, and then taking action.

If you’re not ready to make this commitment to yourself, now is not the right time for you to undertake this program.

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Hear From Past Clients

I’ve worked with a cross-section of leaders from a range of organisations, in both public and private sectors.

Participant Feedback

Take the next steps to become a better leader today.

Achieve the success you deserve

Adopt leadership behaviours that build trust, connection and credibility; to generate sustainable relationships and results.

Personal Agility

Become Confident And Calm In Any Context

Move from being somewhat disorganised to highly deliberate in how you live and lead.

As a result you will have greater clarity on how to make decisions that are right for you and confidently prioritise in any moment, especially in high stakes situations.

Ultimately you will develop a profound level of self-awareness and be in the driving seat of your own journey.

Credible Influence

Forge Powerful Relationships that Generate Sustainable Results

Get clear on how to build trust and connection authentically, influencing relationships to enable results in a deep, lasting and credible way.

Move from being insubstantial to highly impactful as a leader.

Team Mastery

Lead an Individually and Collectively Accountable and Thriving Team

Master the art of building and leading a high performing team, and cultivate an environment in which you and others can have respectful, open and robust conversations that generate productive outcomes while learning and innovating together.

You will move your team from unconnected to united in their approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is 6 x 1 hour virtual sessions held on a fortnightly basis. This allows you to keep momentum, while having enough space between sessions to implement and practice what we’ve covered in the previous session.

Alongside the live sessions, the program includes a digital copy of my book: The Pinnacle of Presence and specific activities to work through between sessions.

Our intention is to get results in the shortest possible timeline for you; hence the reason we start with 6 sessions.

We will discuss your specific needs in the final session and you can extend if you feel this is appropriate.

Payment is made prior to commencement of the 6 session program. We send an invoice that can be paid via bank transfer or credit card payment.

In the unlikely scenario that you don’t believe the program will notably increase your leadership performance, just let us know at the end of the first session and we will refund your investment fully.