Team Coaching

Want enhanced team relationships, an exceptional team reputation and the ability to enable results within and across your team? We work through our ‘One Team’ model and approach to unlock the individual and collective capacity of your team to connect, think and generate results together.

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Let me tell you about

Our Team Coaching Program

The intention of this program is to support you to:

Enhance individual and team awareness to create the conditions needed for high performance.
Energise your team to deliver value to each other, your key stakeholders and the organisation more broadly.
Ensure shared commitment and smart work processes.

Be a role model team within your organisation.

Who This Program Is For…

You have a desire to align a team approach, but you don’t have a systematic approach to achieve this.

You know your team wants to do well but they are working in silos, and there is disconnect and misalignment.

This program will give you and your team a clear framework for achieving success together.

Key focus areas of EI Executive’s Team Coaching

  • Move from silenced to safe; generating a healthy and productive team environment.
  • Be a team others want to do business with; develop the capacity to have candid and respectful dialogue, within and across teams, generating valued and impactful outcomes.
  • Progress from siloed to shared accountability; ensuring the team is working collectively towards results, achieving more than the sum of their parts.

Who This Program Is Not For..

Transforming how teams connect, think and generate results takes an intentional process. We work closely with you throughout the process. If you aren’t ready to jump in and work together as a team, this program is not for you.

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Team Coaching Programs

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Leaders We’ve Helped

Take the next steps to become a better leader today.

Move from Unconnected to ‘One Team’ United

Develop a future-focused team that is always ready for what comes next.

Discovery & Design (with you)


We will get to know you, your team, and your specific context


Understand the key challenges and opportunities you face, and the critical outcomes you are looking to achieve


Clarify your vision and the path to success

Individual Coaching sessions (optional based on needs of team)


The intention of individual sessions is to enhance leadership capacity and supercharge team success


The team sessions run concurrently, providing a platform for leaders to put individual work into immediate practice to generate a thriving team


These sessions use the same framework as the Executive Coach Program. Read more here

Phase Three

Team Coaching sessions

Unlock Collective Impact using our ‘One Team’ Model.


A series of team sessions (to be agreed on at design stage)


We put the 3 R’s of Team Success© at the centre of the work we do: Relationships, Reputation, Results


We then work alongside you to unlock these outcomes using the levers of Psychological Safety; Stakeholder Interactions and Shared Accountability

Frequently Asked Questions

Each program is designed specifically to meet your team’s needs. As a general rule, we will meet on a monthly basis as a team (either virtually or face to face). The individual coaching sessions will be held virtually between team sessions.

My expansive and cross-disciplinary experience in international business, psychotherapy and executive team coaching enables me to work specifically with teams. Moreover, I hold team coach training qualifications run by global experts in the world of team coaching. See more about me.

Indeed, I do. Check out the video above

Our sessions will not be a passive process for you. We will work actively together through the process using my  ‘One Team’ model. Think of this as a ‘map’ to support how you connect, think and generate results together.