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The Pinnacle of Presence by Sheila Wherry


Do you feel you have to keep working harder and pedalling faster to succeed as a leader?


Are you frustrated by fragmented teams that are pulling in different directions?


Is it always you coming up with the solutions?

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“I absolutely loved this book. It was practical, informative and transformative.”

The Pinnacle of Presence
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Find out more about The Pinnacle of Presence: How Great Leaders Connect, Instil Trust and Get The Right Results

How Great Leaders Connect, Instil Trust & Get The Right Results

This is a common scenario for leaders in today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected world. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You have the silver bullet. YOU!

You may not be able to change the relentless demands of leadership, but you can change what you bring to them and how you deal with them. The secret? Presence. Your ability to bring your best self to the role of leadership.

Sheila Wherry specialises in coaching executives to build trust, connectedness and direction within themselves, their teams and across organisations. By sharing her framework, The Pinnacle of Presence, she shows you how to be your own coach.

The presence you bring to yourself and your teams can be the greatest gift to yourself and those you lead.