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Address the Challenges and Opportunities of Modern Leadership in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Click on the video below to listen with sound.

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Leader As Team Coach

This unique program will show you how to apply a proven leadership system and framework that opens the door to a new level of leadership; one in which you are the Leader as Team Coach.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Or at least it takes some practice. And it takes a process.

My process is The Pinnacle of Presence framework and incorporates three distinct domains — Inner Presence, Leadership Presence and Team Presence. Presence is a nebulous term that means different things to different people. The main thing that senior professionals agree on is that leaders need it.

To bring your best self to the role of leadership you need to understand yourself – your inner drivers, your behaviours, your strengths and weaknesses (Inner Presence) – and you need to understand the effect these have on others and your style of leadership (Leadership Presence). These are two components of a three-legged stool. Without the third leg team presence, you won’t achieve results collectively.

Team Presence is the gateway to high performance: team members are aligned on expectations — individually and collectively — and can have open and robust conversations that achieve desired results.

Join other leaders and learn to foster psychological safety, generate intentional stakeholder interactions and create a culture of shared accountability within and across your teams.

Who This Program Is For…

This program brings together leaders who want to lead with intentionality and who appreciate the need to empower their people to produce results; moving away from a single minded and directive styles of leadership to a collaborative and collective approach.

If you are ready to lead with intentionality and are willing to consider ways to adapt your style to take your team from unconnected to united; setting a new benchmark for collaboration and results, this is for you.

Working together in the group sessions (4 x 2hrs across the program) is the fastest way to get momentum and get to results. Magic happens when you get a group of leaders together. You learn together; hear each others challenges and opportunities; normalise your experience; share wins and get crystal clear on what you can then take away for yourself as your next action step.

This Program Is Not For…

This program takes an intentional approach to leading. If you do not feel you currently have the capacity to invest in yourself, your growth and take the necessary action – and work with other like-minded leaders – this program is not for you.

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Leader As Team Coach Program

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Take the next steps to become a better leader today

Join Other Leaders

Take the next steps to become a better leader today

Leading Self with INNER PRESENCE

Building Inner Confidence And Calm


Understand the challenges and opportunities of modern leadership


Develop a vision for your future and what really matters to you, ensuring confident personal decision making and prioritisation


Gain clarity around how to operate as your ‘best self in any context


Generating Connection and Credibility


Learn to balance strength with warmth as a leader through the adoption of four essential leadership behaviours


Develop your unique leadership style and approach to build congruence between who you are (Inner Presence) and how you act (Leadership Presence)


Read the context and adjust your style as needed

Leading Teams with TEAM PRESENCE

Ensuring Collaboration and Creativity


Foster psychological safety; the gateway to team effectiveness


Learn to intentionally interact to achieve impactful outcomes – within and across teams


Move from siloed to shared leadership, building a ‘One Team’ roadmap to drive individual and collective accountability across the team

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is made up of 4 x 2 hour fortnightly sessions; so the ‘live’ component of the program is covered across a 2 month period.

We also create a group online forum where you can interact and ask questions of each other and of me. This will remain open for 3 months – allowing you to continue to ask questions as you put the concepts into practice and try new ways of working.

The live sessions will be held virtually, using the Zoom platform.

We email content before and after each session to keep you on track.

We also create a community group where you can ask questions of us and each other.

We kick off the live sessions on a specific date and take you through the four sessions as a cohort, fortnightly.

The community group is available for you to ask questions at any time, as you work through the content in your own time.

Having run this program countless times, we are very clear that this is the fastest way to get momentum and results. You will remain with the same group of 6-9 leaders; reflecting, discussing and taking action around each session’s key concepts and steps.

My expansive and cross-disciplinary experience in international business, psychotherapy and executive coaching enables me to work with leaders to develop trust, connection and highly effective team environments. See more about me.

The sessions will be recorded and made available over the next 2 weeks (prior to the next session in the program flow). This gives you the opportunity to catch up in your own time and be prepared for the next session (each session builds on the previous one).

However, we strongly recommend you block out the time in your calendar and attend the sessions live. Working and sharing with the group is the most powerful way to get results. We hear this feedback over and over again!