Transforming how leaders and teams connect, think and generate results together.

Welcome to the Leader as Team Coach Course

The best leaders create environments that their teams thrive in.

The trouble is it’s not always easy to know where to start.

If your team is disconnected and disengaged or simply misaligned, its members have no chance of reaching their maximum potential. However, with a few key changes and clear strategies, it’s possible to achieve outstanding results together.

Understand how to work effectively with others to produce results as the ‘Leader as Team Coach’. In this introduction, we outline the systematic approach, using my Pinnacle of Presence framework, to achieve just that.

Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Modern Leadership

The reality is we are living a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. In this module we get clear on how to adapt your leadership approach to ensure you are creating an environment that effectively supports your team to talk and think through problems together, with collective accountability, and in a psychologically safe way. You understand what is necessary to adapt to this VUCA reality; ensuring you are future-fit.

The more aware you are of your emotions, the greater your capacity to regulate them. This is the focus of this module (Connecting to Self) and we will work through why this is necessary and how to set up an ongoing practice to support effective leadership.

This module supports you to develop Inner Presence, defined as ‘being self-empowered to fully accept and believe in yourself, confident to show others the real you”. Learn to lead with Inner Confidence and Calm, even in the toughest of situations. Understand the ‘why’ you do what you do so you can take a deliberate approach to leading self.

Your Inner Presence is why you do what you do. Leadership Presence is how you show up doing it. Leadership Presence is not about technical skills or simply whether you produce results. It is about you generating connection and credibility as a leader, balancing strength with warmth; and this is the focus of this module. Learn to become a highly influential and impactful leader.

Inner Presence and Leadership Presence are two legs of a three legged stool. Without the third leg – Team Presence – you wont achieve results collectively. And it is with others, in teams, that you will most effectively produce long term and sustainable outcomes. To get the best from your people you will need to create an environment and expectations that support your team in doing their best work. This is the focus of this module.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The course is designed to support you in bringing your best self to the role of leadership, learning to balance strength with warmth as a leader, and fostering an environment that supports teams to thrive. It is applicable to anyone – whether you are in a formal leadership position or not – who is driven to foster psychologically safe and high performing environments. You may be a team member looking to support yourself and your team, or a leader wishing to do the same. You may choose to go through the Academy with colleagues; discussing and reflecting on the content together.

  • We make the content available over a 5 week period for you to work through with us. We will add 1 week of content each week for you to work through and ask questions. We will jump on a live session to answer these questions and work through any challenges.
  • We provide you with these live sessions, and roll out the content on a weekly basis, to support you in completing the relevant activities with momentum.
  • Once completed, you will have access to the material for a further 3 months.

This is really up to you. Each week we ask you to complete activities, read a chapter or 2 from The Pinnacle of Presence, and watch short videos (approx 2 mins each). 1 hour per week should be sufficient, although you may like to take longer to work on the reflective exercises. This is a personal choice.

The content will be released weekly over the course of 5 weeks. You can complete the activities, watch the videos and do the readings in your own time during that week. To ensure momentum, and have access to us to answer questions, we do suggest you complete the course with us in those 5 weeks so we can answer your questions in the ‘live’ hourly sessions. However, you are very welcome to complete the course in your own time at any point over the following 3 months, or review relevant components.

My expansive and cross-disciplinary experience in international business, psychotherapy and executive coaching enables me to work with leaders to develop trust, connection and highly effective team environments. See more about me.