Accountability Leads To Productivity

Establishing and agreeing to responsibilities and an accountability plan at the outset builds in clarity and commitment early. Plus, it is easier to work and raise questions as you go when that knowledge is embedded, rather than reaching stumbling blocks and not knowing what to do. It often takes more work to figure it out and undo actions at that point.

Establishing responsibilities early also builds trust, respect and confidence, which spur staff on and allow them to feel comfortable that what they are doing is heading in the right direction and is part of the broader team effort.

You can also build in check-in points which allow for responsibilities and directions to be reinforced and readjusted as needed, and have any challenges raised to collectively work through.

Accountability results in long-term gains, supporting efficient, resilient, agile teams.

I work with leaders and teams to develop accountability; to clarify and ultimately fine-tune the way you work.

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