Cultivate inner presence

Think of the best moments of your life: the times you have felt the most alive, most joyful, most fully yourself, and ‘in the zone’.

This is your ‘best’ self. Inner Presence helps you bring that person to the challenges you face today.

I define Inner Presence as: Being self-empowered to fully accept and believe in yourself, confident to show others the real you.

The key elements of bringing your Inner Presence to life are:

  • having a personal vision of your ideal future state to work towards
  • knowing your core values and being true to them
  • embracing your uniqueness, your strengths and areas for development.

Understanding yourself and being comfortable with the real you makes your life easier and puts you in control. Accepting all parts of yourself leads to self-worth and inner confidence, which in turn allows you to stand powerfully in who you are and face what lies before you.

In my new book, I explore how Inner Presence gives you confidence in the toughest of situations and empowers you to be the best version of you. It is the bedrock of being a leader in these complex times.

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