Four things that make a great leader (the best is last)

Four things that make a good leader (the best is last).

We all instantly recognise good leaders.

These exceptional leaders inspire the best in others, and seem to have intangible qualities that are difficult to define.

These often indefinable qualities come down to one thing: Leadership Presence.
Leadership Presence is:

  1. Bringing your best self to the role with inner confid­ence and calm
  2. Balancing strength with warmth to build trust, con­nection and credibility
  3. Reading the context and adjusting behaviours as needed.
    And last, but by no means least:

Developing your own genuine style of leadership

You can take cues from leaders you admire, but don’t try to imitate someone else’s leadership style, it will leave you looking fake and will not build trust, confidence and credibility. Instead, embody your Inner Presence (why you do what you do) and bring your genuine and best self to the role. It’s an inside-out approach.

Do you want to develop your own leadership style and become the best leader you can be?

Let’s connect if we’re not already: reach out if you’re interested in cultivating Leadership Presence.

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