Good leaders don’t just ask their team to deliver, they empower their team to deliver

It’s important that your team knows that you’re always available to consult on any project or piece of work, to steer them in the right direction. This will ensure they stay on track and everyone remains on the same page.

The successful leaders I work with tell me how they truly enjoy collaborating with their team. This fosters an environment where anyone in the team feels they can come to any of the leadership team, whether they’re their direct reports or not.

Empowering your team means letting them take accountability and deliver. It means being supportive, but expecting them to meet their responsibilities and get things done, without taking over or micromanaging.

Most of all, your leaders need to be clear with their team members that they’re responsible for closing things out. It’s like landing a plane: it’s great that they had a smooth takeoff and an uneventful flight, but that’s not enough if you don’t land the plane safely and definitively!

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