Harness the power of emotional self-awareness and regulation

If you want to learn how to harness the power of emotional self-awareness and regulation, read on.

Let me share an example.

My client – let’s call her ‘Ainsley’ – had been passed over for a promotion. She felt the person chosen for the role was less experienced and capable than her. Overall, she was better equipped and had more industry knowledge.

She was upset and frustrated.

While she was aware of this, she was less attentive to the bigger impact this decision had had on her behaviour. She had become blunt and overtly direct in her approach. It wasn’t until she stopped and reflected that she realised her frustration and disappointment was seeping into her daily interactions with key stakehold­ers.

She was coming across as offensive at times, they told her. Once she saw this, instead of trying to push away the emotions she felt at not being selected for promotion, she stopped and reflected on them.

She re­cognised the level of self-doubt this had caused. Was she good enough? Why had she not been chosen?

Taking the time to process her emotions, gave her the space to start to reflect more objectively. She asked for feedback to understand where she could con­tinue to develop, thus positioning herself for when the next promotional opportunity arose.

Those around her noticed the difference in her behaviour and demeanour. She pursued opportun­ities to develop, adapt and evolve and, in response, they saw her as courageous and willing to learn.

Are you ready to experience the power of emotional self-awareness and regulation for yourself?

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