Have you ever considered how your mood impacts your team?

A study published in the Journal of Organisational and Leadership Design found ‘the positive mood of the leader positively influenced group members at both the individual and collective level, with the opposite happening for a leader’s negative mood. The leader’s positive mood also had a subsequent influence on group coordination and effort’.

The study concluded that, ‘managers who inspire rather than pressure their employees are better able to retain talent, in part, because they create an emotional connection between their employees and their work’. 

Some of my clients have embarked on a coaching program with me because their people have started to disengage or, worse still, they are creating fear and anger in the people they work with and/or lead.

Others have become so focused on results and short-term outcomes that they’ve lost awareness of the impact they’re having on those around them. They are on autopilot, responding to the rapid nature of their workload and overwhelming demands.

Are you interested in seeing the results you could get if you transformed your mood?

These (and more) are themes I explore in my book – email me if you’d like to review chapter 1 and reflect on how to reach the Pinnacle of Presence.

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