How Can Leaders Develop A More Compassionate Style Of Leadership?

We know that compassionate leaders are more effective at bringing the best out of their teams, especially during a crisis.

Here are four things that can help leaders find their compassionate voice:

  • Tuning in to what is going on around you and, most importantly, what you feel on the inside
  • Being vulnerable and showing this vulnerability to your team by lowering your guard
  • Tapping deeper into the emotions that your team is feeling
  • Showing your team that you care by treating them with compassion

It’s important to start with the first step, that is, tuning into your own feelings.

I would encourage you to relate to your own feelings and go within before you can do the same for others.

This links back to the theme of Inner Presence which I explore in my book.

Only by doing the work and looking inward can you then build Team Presence and Leadership Presence, which come together to form the Pinnacle of Presence.

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