How Connecting to Self Makes you a Better Leader

To develop the capacity to connect with others, we must start by understanding and connecting with ourselves.

Being connected with self means becoming aware of our internal thoughts, feelings, behaviours and em­bodied sensations. This invites improved relationships with ourselves and with others, as well as our ability to perform.

Connecting with self begins with recognising what you are feeling and understanding why you are feeling it. This is emotional self-awareness. Understanding the what and why behind your feelings gives you the power to respond to situations, as opposed to react. This is emo­tional regulation.

Connecting with self allows you to develop the capacity to connect with others. This, in turn, allows you to better build relationships with others, which is essential to being a successful leader.
These go hand in hand: the more aware you are of your emotions the greater your ability to regulate them.

Connecting with self and how this allows you to develop presence as a leader is one of the themes I explore in my new book, The Pinnacle of Presence.

You can purchase my book here, or get in touch to discuss further.

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