How Emotionally Intelligent Is Your Team?

In today’s world of work, most would agree that emotional intelligence is a key factor for individual success. Emotional intelligence, as a concept, has been covered extensively since the 1990s.

Yet, a team comprising emotionally intelligent members does not always result in an emotionally intelligent team. This takes an intentional approach and should be a key driver for building team effectiveness.

Building an emotionally intelligent team requires members to foster psychological safety, a collective identity, and appreciate the need for shared outcomes.

A key step in achieving such an environment is working with your team to agree on emotionally intelligent norms (behaviours, attitudes, actions) that will enhance the emotional capacity of the team as a whole. All teams and groups have norms, or ways of operating, whether you are consciously creating them or not.

Imagine someone observing your team today. What norms, or unwritten rules, would they see?

Are these norms moving your team towards, or away, from excellence?

Take a moment to reflect on the norms you witness in your team and reach out if you could use some support.

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