How much do you and your boss need each other?

It can be easy to forget how much managers and their superiors need each other, especially when it comes to high-level executives and leaders.

However, this is almost always a mutually-dependent relationship:

  • Senior managers depend on their direct reports for honest and comprehensive information, as well as reliable cooperation to meet key goals.
  • Their reports rely on their bosses to set priorities, secure the resources they need to do their job, and to connect with the wider organisation.

When these relationships fall into bad patterns, for example becoming counter-dependent and combative, or overdependent, the relationship often fails to meet the above needs, and so is not effective. This is where it’s important for senior leaders to not only manage their direct reports, but vice-versa.

If you’re interested in exploring your leadership style and how to better manage your direct reports as well as your boss, book a short session with me.

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