How to balance strength and warmth as a leader?

If you want to know how to balance warmth and strength in order to become a better leader, read on.

I explore the essence of Leadership Presence in my book, The Pinnacle of Presence.

The style of leadership that is needed in our times is one that balances strength and warmth, relationships and results. 

This builds trust, connection and credibility.

Four core traits that focus specifically on supporting you to balance warmth and strength are:

  • empathy
  • curiosity
  • humility, and
  • assertiveness.

These core behaviours will ensure you show people you care, that you treat them with respect and speak with clarity and decisiveness – building connection, while emphasising your credibility and trustworthiness. 

Having power with, not over, others will cultivate relationships and get results.

Would you like to learn more about balancing warmth and strength, and cultivating Leadership Presence?

Listen to the first chapter of my book here.

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