How to Cultivate a Strong Relationship with your Boss

strong relationship with your boss

Managing upwards is all about not only developing a strong relationship with your boss, but also maintaining it.

This involves the following key aspects:

  • Accommodating different work styles. Everyone has their own personality and their own way of working, and making small adjustments to your boss’ work style can go a long way.
  • Agreeing on expectations. Not all managers clearly spell out what they expect, so it’s critical to actively determine and set mutual expectations.
  • Open communication. It’s essential that you keep your boss well-informed, and how much information they want will be defined by their own working style.
  • Dependability. Trust is a key aspect of any working relationship, so it’s essential that your boss knows that you’re honest with them and that they can rely on you.
  • Strategic use of time and resources. Undoubtedly, both you and your boss are time and resource-poor, so it’s important to use their time and resources efficiently and effectively in order to get the best results for effort spent.

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