How to take a top down and bottom up approach

We often hear about leaders needing to be role models, but I’m a big believer that teams are also subcultures. If you work on a team, it can have an impact on not only those around you, but also on other teams. Up and down.

When you have a culture in place where people have clarity, know what’s expected of them, but have the autonomy to decide how they’re going to deliver, teams will be more motivated.

What’s more, leaders will be able to harness their team members’ strengths and rally people in a certain direction because they will feel empowered.

When the leadership team are very clear on the sort of actions and behaviours they want to role-model, this ripples down and across to the teams around them.

Taking an intentional approach, and then holding people to account with clear expectations ensures all teams, up down and across, are role-modeling what is needed.

Sounds simple. I can be, BUT it takes an intentional approach. We have a proven system and framework to support you with this; reach out if you would like to hear more.

Now is the time to take action – to set both you and your team up for success in 2023!

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