Influence Through Inquiry

It can be difficult to transform the culture of an entire organisation, but you can have a huge impact within your own team and in your direct relationships at work by fostering the safety and inclination to ask questions about what you’re doing and how you are going to get it done.

Just telling someone what you think or what they should do is one-sided and doesn’t build connection or trust. But inquiry in discussion is a powerful and enriching tool of influence.

It is a way to share as well as to open up important conversations about frictions and worries. Asking your team members what they think about suggestions, or what they think the benefits or drawbacks might be can make them feel valued and included, and it demonstrates that you are open-minded.

Leaders are often recognised for their inquisitiveness, openness or confidence in themselves and their teams, and it is just as visible if they aren’t.

If you are interested in being guided in creating space for inquiry in your work, I am here to help.

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