Ingredients For Effective Communication

Effective communication is essential to a productive, accomplished team. If team members feel unsupported or attacked through the way we communicate with them, it can immobilise their ability to rationally and productively reflect on their own behavior, so it is worth making the effort to communicate with purpose:

  • Be clear at the outset about what the communication regards, and what you are hoping to collectively achieve.
  • Put your anger to one side and focus on the practicalities and needs of the matter.
  • Be honest and direct about concerns.
  • Support others to share their concerns and ideas.
  • Re-establish your collective aims and return to these when you are trying to work through an issue.
  • Share whatever relevant information is available to you.
  • Be open to the possibility that you may not like what will be shared in the conversation.
  • Listen.
  • Be transparent and voice your own concerns and needs.

If you’d like to learn more about how to effectively communicate with your team and peers, that’s something I can guide you through.

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