Make Collective accountability within your team A Priority

It is necessary to emphasise the importance of accountability as individuals, but also as a team – in that the whole team needs to take collective responsibility for the results.

A big part of this is getting your team’s buy-in, of course.

As a leader, you are closer to the senior leadership team and you have a clear sense of their key goals and objectives. However, it’s likely that your team is more distanced from this.

Therefore, it’s important to foster engagement and buy-in within your team, as part of true accountability.

You can do this by creating a vision within your team that links back to the broader organisational vision. A vision in which everyone understands and agrees on their collective purpose and what great looks like to you and the team.

It is so fundamental that the team knows and understands what high performance standards look like, and are clear there is impetus on everyone being the best version of themselves to achieve that standard.

The result: they will be much more driven to meet the team’s objectives rather than feeling that their work is imposed on them from above.

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