Setting Clear Team Boundaries That Work

Very few people, these days, would disagree with the notion that teams are central in today’s world of work. Yet, without intentionality, there is no guarantee that team members will actually work well together to produce successful outcomes.

For teams to work, everyone within the team must be clear on their direction, have clearly defined roles and understand each other. Sounds simple, doesn’t it. Simple but not always easy. Not without a systematic approach.

For instance, I would argue that it doesn’t make sense to lump people together and give them a common goal without first understanding the skills, styles, and strengths of each person.

By taking the time to understand each other, your team members build psychological safety; the gateway to team effectiveness.

So take a moment to reflect on this question: To what extent does your team work to understand one another’s perspectives, concerns, strengths, and tasks best suited to each other’s skill sets?

When your team members intentionally work to understand each other, they are on the path to successful teamwork!

Need a framework to support you with this? Reach out.

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