The Difference Between Working Groups And Teams

Let me ask you this – Does a group of people working together constitute a team?

Not quite! Certain attributes make teams distinctly different from working groups.

The biggest difference between working groups and teams is that a team requires both individual and mutual accountability.

A high-performing team will have shared leadership roles, team goals that everyone is working toward, and success that is measured by overall collective performance.

Working groups, on the other hand, are much more individualistic – while they have been bought together for a specific reason, they tend to have individual accountability.

Supporting a team to connect and think ‘as a team’ takes an intentional approach. As the leader of the team, I encourage you to support the team in shifting from an individualistic point of view to one that focuses on the collective.

Take a moment to reflect. Do your team members work in silos? Or do they spend time reviewing outcomes from a team perspective; asking are we meeting our ‘team goals’?

This change in lens can have a huge impact on how the team connects, thinks and generates results together!

I’d love to hear your feedback..!

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