The Key Aspects of Managing your Manager!

managing your manager

In Harvard Business Review’s seminal 1980 article “Managing Your Boss”, John J. Gabarro and John P. Kotter identified three key parts of successfully managing upwards:

  1. Understanding your boss and their context:
  • What are their goals and objectives?
  • What pressures are they under?
  • What are their own strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is their preferred work style?
  1. Understanding yourself and your needs:
  • What are your own strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your personal style of work and interaction with others?
  • Are you predisposed to be dependent on authority figures, or do you tend to be more naturally independent?
  1. Developing and maintaining a strong relationship that meets these key criteria:
  • It fits both you and your bosses’ needs, as well as your styles of work
  • It sets mutual expectations
  • It involves open communication so that your boss is well-informed
  • It’s based on dependability and honesty
  • It makes strategic use of your boss’ time and resources without over using them

Managing upwards is critical when it comes to being a successful leader or executive – book a call today to find out how I can help you positively foster this crucial relationship.

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