The Paradox Of Choice In Teams

The Paradox of Choice suggests that too many options often leave us feeling confused and unsatisfied with our selection. However, it doesn’t apply to conflict management in teams! In this case, the more options, the better.

Bringing many possible solutions to the table allows teams and leaders to think creatively about which options might work best. Instead of weighing the pros and cons of only two options and picking the one that seems best, teams can take elements from each of the many options and build a custom solution that really works.

Furthermore, these discussions allow individuals team members to be fully heard which ultimately supports them in getting behind the team’s final and agreed solution, even if it wasn’t their preferred outcome.

The ability to talk through opposing ideas and perspectives builds commitment from each team member, ultimately generating shared accountability across the team.

Shared accountability is fundamental for any high performing team. To achieve this, each team member should be comfortable to bring their voice into team meetings, as well as encourage the voice of others.

How do you invite each other’s voices into your team meetings?

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