Understanding Your Team Members Is The Path To Effectively Resolving Issue

When issues arise, as they often do in teams, it is important, of course, to have all the relevant and current data to hand. This information can empower individuals and teams to objectively examine what caused the issue and focus on the problem, not the person, to get to the best solution.

The key is to focus on the issue at hand, and for individuals to avoid “pointing fingers” at one another or use emotions to substantiate their opinions.

Team members who make it a point to learn more about each other, and what they’re working on, can then use this insight to locate a problem and apply real experience to quickly determine a viable solution.

There are many avenues to navigating successfully through conflict and tension in teams, and sometimes it takes more than one method to find an answer that sticks. Try learning more about the inner workings of your team, and its members, to find creative solutions to issues.

My suggestion: don’t be afraid to lean into the tension and conflict within you team. Team members who can constructively, and respectfully, challenge one another are more likely to consider a variety of perspectives and get to the most suitable solution. If they have the relevant and current information of course!

Keen to hear your thoughts on this.

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