What is the difference between being aggressive and being assertive?


Aggressive leaders can be toxic, closing off relationships and their ability to generate outcomes. 

Behaviours associated with aggressive communication include shouting, giving ultimatums, using hurtful language, and non-verbal gestures such as pointing.

This may be a useful tactic to generate fear and get results in the short term, but they will not instill trust and results over the long term.

Assertive communication requires you to balance sharing your views and needs, while not restricting the other’s ability to reply and share their perspective. 

You align this with appropriate body language and the right tone. You are firm, clear and respectful.

Being decisive and demanding action when appropriate requires good assertive communication skills. 

Such leaders are able to find the middle ground between passive and aggressive communication.

This is assertiveness.. and is necessary to show Leadership Presence.

How do you demonstrate assertiveness? 

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