Where Are You Leading Your Team?

Is your team stagnant or inspired?

Are they merely following instructions or are you moving forward with intention, in collaboration?

Teams are stronger when they converse, think and explore together. And the stronger the foundation of your dialogue is, the more robust your team vision, structure and output will be.

This style of dialogue has a foundation in:

  • actively listening,
  • finding and agreeing to direction together,
  • valuing the voices and questions of every member of the team,
  • advocating for each other’s ideas and lines of enquiry, and
  • being intentional with the way you contribute.

By understanding the roles and the impact we can have in conversation, we can learn to shape more collaborative, productive dialogue. I can coach you to tangibly strengthen your communication with your team, and help you guide rewarding, flowing discussions that will take your team where you want to go.

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