Why Feeling Heard is the First Step to Listening

People often won’t listen until they feel heard. If you don’t feel heard, you are not as likely to hear another’s perspective. This is a constant reminder I share with clients.

Sometimes, creating psychological safety with stakeholders means clearing the air and acknowledging where you may have had problems in the past. It could mean sitting down with your team and discussing where they may have had difficulties with others previously.

While it’s critical to not go in with any assumptions, it’s equally important to acknowledge the history of what’s come before. Additionally, we need to recognize that we’re often coming from different points of view on how we should approach different client groups.

Even if your team, or your stakeholders, have different views on the best approach, it’s critical that everyone comes together and finds the common agenda, the intersections of working together. 

It’s about saying, no matter the past history, let’s work out how we can work together, most effectively, moving forward.

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