Why psychological safety is more important than ever in a revenue-driven environment

In high-pressure, revenue-driven environments, leaders need to hold their team to account for hitting their target KPIs. In this context, it could seem like psychological safety may diminish in importance, but the opposite is actually the case.

In an environment where teams are driven to deliver hard KPIs and sales, high pressure and unpredictability can mean that team members don’t know how they’ll be held to account. This can create a psychologically unsafe environment that’s not sustainable for high performance over the long term.

Failing to cultivate psychological safety in a revenue-driven environment can lead to major issues, including:

  • Performance will suffer as people are being pressured in unhealthy ways
  • The best talent will leave as they won’t tolerate a psychologically-unsafe environment

Both of these things ultimately threaten efficiency and productivity, and so will damage the company’s bottom line.

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